GridCell Biological System Simulator

About GridCell

Screen capture GridCell is a stochastic simulator which divides the simulation space into a 3D cubic grid composed of discrete voxels. The simulation advances through time in discrete time steps. It allows the analysis of biological and chemical networks under multiple spatial influences such as molecular crowding and localization.


The latest version of GridCell is v1.2. Check out the change log.

GridCell can be downloaded for the Windows XP (and later) platform.

The downloadable archive includes:

  • Executable program
  • User manual
  • Sample packages

Click here to download GridCell v1.2.


GridCell requires two libraries:

  • OpenGL Utility Toolkit: GLUT 3.7.6. The .dll and the Object File Library files should be placed in the same directory as the executable.
  • Systems Biology Markup Language (or SBML) library. You must use libSBML version 2.3.4-Xerces.

User Manual

GridCell's user interface provides an easy way to interact with the application, through different menus and interactive options.

Please refer to the GridCell user manual for more information about its usage.

Any correspondence regarding the GridCell application should be directed to: Laurier Boulianne.


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