Integrated Systems for Information Processing

At ISIP Lab, we are working on the design and implementation of signal processing systems, machine learning, and custom computer architectures.

Today, our main research projects concern building efficient hardware architectures, software and design tools for:

  • Polar decoders
  • Machine Learning
  • Stochastic Computing

We are currently looking for outstanding candidates at all levels: Master's students, PhD students and PostDoc!

If you have similar research interests, please contact Prof. Warren Gross: w4a!rxrbean$.ugMrWoUs)sL@%m_c^gVi4l2lB.ic&a9

Polar Codes Card image cap

Polar Codes

Our lab focuses on several aspects of polar coding, including fast and efficient decoders as well as length-compatible encoding techniques. We are developing efficient polar codes and decoders for 5G and beyond.

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Stochastic Computing

Stochastic computing has interesting applications in machine learning and channel decoders. We are currently investigating state of the art techniques to allow for efficient implementations of information processing systems.

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Machine Learning

We are developing customized architecture and training algorithms for neural networks to reduce computation complexity for low energy edge computing devices.

We are also working on design automation for machine learning and investigating the application of machine learning to digital communications.